China in our hands?

The countdown is on until Proteus heads to the 3rd annual International Congress of Environment (ICE), in Xi’an, China – one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its rapid industrialisation is generating enormous of amounts of waste material, which, coupled with an increasing demand for renewable energy, offers an attractive Energy from Waste (EfW) proposition for both technology manufacturers and operators.

Forecasts show that the country’s share in global EfW market will almost double by the end of 2018 with a predicted compound annual growth rate of over 18 per cent. The Chinese Government is providing support and investment to a range of schemes with a five year plan in place to see more than 100 facilities installed between 2011 and 2015.

Such an accelerated pace of change and waste production presents a significant number of communications challenges for the Chinese regional and national authorities, and international companies seeking to enter the EfW market in China. Accompanying growing prosperity is citizen activism as communities react with concern and protest at new waste management plans. With a historic context of bad facility management and environmental pollution, the line of trust between citizens and authorities needs re-establishing.

At ICE in September we will be using our 20 years’ experience in delivering contentious development communications to share strategies for encouraging positive public acceptance of EfW technologies. After all, England has an average population density of 260 people per km² compared to 141 people per km² in China so the Chinese will have much to gain from industry experts in the UK market.

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Date posted: August 14, 2013