Proteus PR gains its second Consultation Institute Certified Consultant

After taking part in the Consultation Institute training program Jack Davison has become Proteus’s second employee to receive his certificate of Professional Development in Consultation.

Jack has specialised in looking at how social media can be used as a tool for consultation, and how to measure the positive effects of a consultation campaign. Working on development projects, professional consultation techniques are key in providing effective consultation on emotional and controversial proposals.

Speaking after receiving his certificate Jack says “I’m very happy to finish the training program which has given me a greater understanding on key consultation issues and practices. The next step is to incorporating what I have learned into my daily work and developing my skills even further.”

Paul Davison, Managing Director of Proteus PR says “I’m very pleased that Jack has achieved his Professional Development Certificate; at Proteus we are always encouraging our team to develop best practice communications. Jack has shown good development since joining the company last August and I can clearly see that he has taken on board the messages of the training course”

Date posted: November 24, 2014