Business growth, regardless of sector, requires a clear and on-going business to business (B2B) communications strategy.


Above all else, a well-executed B2B programme can enhance and protect the reputation of a business among its target audiences – making a significant contribution to business success.

Successful B2B programmes require a clear definition of objectives at the outset and a partnership approach to ensure communications are in line with the client’s business objectives. Flexibility is also important in the programme to respond to any changes.

Media relations plays a major role in B2B programmes integrated with contact industry programmes, speaker and event participation, as well as marketing collateral – both online and print.

Proteus specialises in delivering successful B2B communications programmes across a range of sectors including environmental, manufacturing, recycling, packaging and materials.  Our instinctive ability to provide strategic advice and determine the most appropriate combination of communication tools to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes have led to our award-winning success in this field.

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