Issues management is about facilitating communication leadership in organisations and helping them to detect and respond appropriately to emerging trends or changes in the social or political environment.

crisisWhether your organisation is affected by an external issue or public debate, it is important to develop a consistent response and to position yourself in the context of the issue.

Knowing how to position an issue in layman’s terms without compromising technical integrity is an inherent skill in the Proteus team.  Proteus has offered expert advice in issues management for many years, covering a wide range of topics such as the new fuels for cement kilns, hazardous waste landfill and incineration, clinical waste incineration, energy from waste plants and other waste management and recycling facilities.

We know that no matter what you say about your business, your reputation depends on what others say about you. By building a well-managed communications program based on reputation, you can protect against risk, prevent crises and build a reserve of trust among key audiences. Proteus can help you achieve this.